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"I Sell My Body For Money And Most Men Don't Use Protection" Lady Narrates Her Life Struggles

The terrible story of Rhodan Syokau, a mother of four, will send you to tears.

She tells the story of how, at the age of 13, she ran away from home because of poverty and ended up marrying a 60-year-old guy. When she realized what kind of man he married, she thought her issues would be over, but they weren't.

He describes how his former husband turned out to be a psychopath, as told by Rhodan in his memoir. Tobacco addict, smoker, and drinker of his pee. He could urinate on a cup, drink it, and even pass it on to their two children on various occasions. Furthermore, he was unable to fulfill her in bed the way he had previously done, which was by stimulating and releasing her thigh muscles.

Things deteriorated to the point where she was forced to leave him. She began selling her body for money because she had no husband or employment to support her and their children. However, she only earns a pittance in compensation for her efforts. Most males, she claims, don't want to use protection and give her between 50 and 100 shillings.

When asked if she's worried about catching an STI, she says most of the men demand, and she has no choice but to comply because she has to bring food back to her family. The narrative she told was heartbreaking, and it made me realize that there are individuals out there who are dealing with far more than we can comprehend.

For anyone interested, here is a direct link to Rhodan's Syokau tale:

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Rhodan Syokau


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