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Husband and wife relationship

"I love my husband but I am attracted to my co-woker because he does this" - lady cries out


This world of ours never ceases to amaze us, what keeps on happening day and night just keeps on amusing us. These days faithfulness to partners is no longer seen that much.

Imagine getting married to someone not because you love them but because of some expectations. Another woman who got married 3 years ago now reveals that she actually loves her husband and at the very same time she's also attracted to her co-worker, because her co-worker gives her more attention than her real husband does, and she wishes she could have got married to him instead.

She is married for heaven's sake but she also fell for the co-worker. What do you think was the cause of this? Is it because the man does not give her that attention? Or is it because of anything else?. She reveals that the reason she's attracted to the co-worker is that he takes her out for ice cream and stuff, the co-worker makes her laugh, takes her out to movies, of which her own husband does not do.

Isn't marriage supposed to bind two people together to be one? Or at least that is how we are taught, if they are one indeed then why is the woman thinking of another part? And of another way that is what makes me wonder why did she get married in the very first place? What were the intentions of her getting married to him?

What was the reason for her to get married? Was it because she loved him or was it because she wants to play him? I wonder why?

Now with these kinds of things happening in this world, it is very much difficult these days for one to find someone who will be dedicated to them, at least if you found someone like that, then you are very much lucky because these days those kinds are rare.

Could it be the acts of the husband that are pushing the woman away or could it be something else in play? I wonder. If this be the case and this really means that husbands have to learn a very much important lesson today, and that lesson is to never allow another man to make your wife happy.

Never allow another man to do things for your wife that you were not able to do, in the other words make sure that you do all that your wife requires of you may be in this manner the woman will not be attracted to someone else. Do you side with me or not I wonder?

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