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Divorce Affair

Is South African Women Really Gold Diggers? - Opinion

A gold digger is a person, usually a woman, who engages in a transactional relationship for the sake of money rather than love. If it leads to marriage, it is a sort of convenience marriage.

(Image of a woman who is a gold digger used for illustrative purposes)

The public viewed several women as exemplars of the gold digger cliché. Peggy Joyce was the most well-known gold prospector of the early twentieth century. Joyce was a former showgirl who married and divorced millionaires on several occasions. During her divorce struggle with Stanley Joyce in the early 1920s, she was dubbed a gold digger.

Many South African women have recently begun to express their preferences regarding men on social media, and many of them have stated that they do not want to date wealthy men. And that is okay because everyone has a preference when it comes to the type of people they want to date, and they will not date people who lack anything they want.

Because many women have a preference for men with money, many South African men have gone to social media to state how they feel. Many of them have said that women who prefer to date men who are financially stable are gold diggers, and it seems like many South African women fall under that category. They also state how dissatisfied they were by how women wanted to date men with money, but they themselves did not have any. To them, dating a South African woman is like dating another hungry child, who is just in a relationship to husle herself out of the poverty that she is facing. 

So this raises the question of whether South African women are really gold diggers, or are South African men just not happy knowing that women will not want them because they do not have money?

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