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Laugh till you shed into tears

Did you know? Girls usually fall in love with funny boys.

Xavier: Really...! Then why I'm still single.

Park Hoona: They are talking about boys not uncles A pretty lady in restuarant just asked me "are you single?" I happily replied "yes" she took away the chair infront of me

Every problem has a solution, now what is the solution of this The moment you realize you can speak 14 languages. If god hasn't blessed you with a car yet, he probably likes the way you walk. You cannot just cut people out of your life like they never existed at all!


Neighbour: Stop picking my mangoes please.

Me: Alright cool. Anita: hmmmm,,, Jennifer, I did the test oo.. I am pregnant like this... please don't tell anybody


That's my sister I still remember when I was heartbroken. I woke up my aunt's 5 months old baby and explained everything to him he cried too.

Some ladies are still single because men look at your stomach and think you are pregnant.... Stop eating like a thief

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Park Hoona


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