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Wedding planning scene

Brides who are having a bad day on their wedding

For one to be able to capture unusual moments as they happen, you really need to have a good cameraman, and one who will be able to capture those moments that you would wish that they were never captured.

We all want our wedding day to be perfect. It is almost unusual to hear of a wedding that went terribly wrong because we are all of the view that a wedding should be perfect by all means nessessary. This is why people go all out when planning the wedding. Every little detail is considered but like they say, you can never be prepared enough.

In this article today we have compiled wedding pictures that will really make think twice about trying to be spontaneous on your wedding because it might just back fire.

Here are some of the pictures and please try not to laugh.

The next time you plan on a wedding, please try to stay away from the water. Now the wedding dress will be soaked in water and you can not afford to have people drawing at your wedding.

This wedding has really started on a bad note. There is the groom with the photographer at the front looking for a better spot to take the pictures, leaving the bride at the back.

The boat itself should have been a red flag. This is not even romantic at all. They must be feeling like they are in a horror movie.

What ever she had for drinks, must have really been good.

Oh My God... The cake is going down slowly.

Just hope that she did not get a broken neck. Just imagine having such injury on your wedding day. Try to stay away from things that you are not used to. It will save you some embarrassment.

Even the groom is laughing. What more can we say?

Just hope that she did not end up in hospital.

Just imagine having a blue toung on a wedding day? You will just have to keep your mouth closed.

Thats all we had for you today. Hope it cheered you up.

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