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Would You Marry Someone Who is HIV Positive While You’re HIV Negative? (Opinion)

Many love their partners without any limits or boundaries set while other do exactly the opposite of that. What category or part do you fall under? 

With regards to HIV and AIDS the vast majority become defensive since they are either living with the infection or one of their friends and family is. I trust that you won't find this point unsafe. 

Certain individuals uncovered via online media that they have been involved with individuals who they didn't have the foggiest idea about their HIV status. Over the long haul, their accomplices confessed all to them and let them know that they are living with the infection. 

Some uncovered that they left theirs and others said that they remained for the most part in view of their accomplices' genuineness and furthermore on the grounds that they love them, yet the inquiry is would that wed them? 

Would it be advisable for you to at any point wind up or marry in a circumstance by which your partner or lover tells the truth about their HIV status prior to dating or having a long relationship with you, would you remain in the relationship? If your answer is NO let us know why.

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