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Old Madala explains why Men should keep giving money woman regularly, secret will leave you in tears


Women and money go a long way, during the month majority of them are quit and will never bother to text or call. Well that's their nature, what keeps them happier in life is money more than their partners. Unlike men who enjoy a company of a woman without demanding cash from her.

A video circulating on social media shows an elderly man from Lesotho explaining to young men why they should keep giving money to women. He explained that women monitor how much they are given monthly. Once a man starts to give less she will use the opportunity to find another man outside not a relationship.

Madala revealed that even though they will never tell how much they really need. A woman will keep demanding and as a man it is your duty to provide. Better give her all your salary and take only little from that money he said. Remember the bigger you give the more she will return, the little you give the less you will get.

Madala publicly revealed hidden secret that Women don't really love money, what they do love most is gifts and spending. As long you give them to spend your money they will never leave. Being financial advisor is their middle name he said.

" Never give a woman money little by little from your pocket, rather transfer it little by little" he said. She will respect you since in her mind she will trust that you will be there even when she has nothing. Money is what makes them stay in a relationship that is why most end up with men who come from better families.

In hopes people will look at the as though the built that family of their husband. Give money she will give more Madala concluded.

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