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Divorce Affair

Watch | A Man Tried Confronting His Wife's Side Nigga And Shots Were Fired On him (read chats)

Onething that never cease to amaze me about woman is what is it that they really want from a man because it seems like some of them don't know what they want too.For example.If you have money they will cheat on you with someone who does not have the money because you are always out working for the very same money they love. If you don't have the money then will cheat on you with guys who have the money.

If you happen to get cheated under whatever circumstances please make sure that youdo not make the mistake of confronting the person they cheated on you with because it might add too much pain and stress to what you are going through already.

For example look at chats below

It is sad to see that the business man approched him with the intention of marking his territory but things had to escalate to a point were he ended up seeing the pic and paying of the guy to stay away from his wife.

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