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Relationship Goals, The Ultimate Bonding Workout

Relationships are a part of life that every human being will eventually have to undertake. Every young boy dreams of having a very beautiful wife one day, and his whole life he'll be working towards achieving that one goal that he set for himself. At that age he doesn't know that women come with a whole lot of trouble to balance out the sweetness. Sometimes we hit a rough patch i life and things start to become a little wobbly in our relationships. This is nothing to really frown over because it happens, it's just a part of being in a relationship. You spend most of your time together and this will lead to you getting irritated sometimes because of repetitive mistakes. Well even boredom plays a part of the anger that results for no real reason. So let's start a bonding program that involves exercise, this will help us get over this little hump and get fit at the same time. It does not matter which age group you fall into, just hit the trails with your baby and release some undue stress. Buy two bikes and find a bike or foot path that leads into the wilderness and back, just make sure that it's safe first. Ride those bikes until your feet get tired then rest, at this moment you're minds will be relaxed and you will be thinking straight, talk about your disagreements. This helps with fthe bonding part of things. After your healthy talk, get on the bikes and ride them to the park. Stretch and do light exercises together like lunges and push ups. Carry a Fruit basket with healthy food items inside of it,make sure to carry a lot of water with you. This is so you keep hydrated and so does your wife. At the end of the workout go home and take a shower, then repeat this every time you have a major fallout.

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Ultimate Bonding


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