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Couple Shook The Whole Mzansi After Doing This Saying It's Relationship Goals (see pics)

Looking at the streets of social media platforms in South Africa,Quite a lot of terms,slang languages and trends which has been started which has been somehow developing to one's people's relationships such as the relationships goals term.Search the term relationships goals on fb whenever the term is used couples are always pictured acting romantic in various ways flaunting the fact that okay love is in the air in thier relationships.

But then now there is 2 pics making rounds on social media which a couple published for people to see all in the name of relationships goals but the pics had people thinking otherwise instead.Let me not waste any of your time but get to showing you the pics already.See the pics below.

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Well remember that when it comes to social media terms and lifestyles,There is usually no standing rules on how things are to be done especially when it comes to this relationships goals thing,So now with things being that way the couple did what you just saw on the pics attached above saying that they are having some relationships goals which somehow do make sense I mean, Relationships goals are usually had when 2 partners are together and having some good time right?

So now according from your own humble perspective as a reader what is it that you think about the couple's way of experiencing their relationships goals, Do you think what they did is dope and acceptable as having relationships goals or you are just like many other people on social media who think that this couple took it a little but too far than they should have, Please refer to the screenshoots attached below to see what people said about them.

So now with all that being said what is it that you as an individual have to say about the stunt this couple pulled here, Please write us some comments in the comments section below

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