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With the weekend of weddings, Connie Ferguson remembers her husband with a post workout picture.

It's the long weekend of the heritage celebration. One of those long weekends where the mood is entirely on weddings. The wedding fever will leave you wishing or cherishing your partner. When you love and commit yourself to someone even after death there's nothing that can separate you. Your love will live on through the one that's left on earth. 

Connie Ferguson is slowly picking up the pieces after the death of her husband. She recently went back to work, she's continuing with their carpet Sundays alone and she has gone back to working out. We are glad to see her pushing and continuing with their legacy. 

She has shared a picture of them together standing in front of a mirror. Shona is wet, while she is in gym gear. It seems they might have been working out. One thing about these two, they did almost everything together. That's why everyone is very sympathizes with her so much.

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Connie Ferguson


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