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My Couzin Wanted To Steal My Man And I Did This To Her (read chats)

Quite a number of people say' You can love them all but trust no one' Well what I can say I have noticed about this saying is the fact that the phrase "trust no one" also includes your siblings family and friends too. No matter how long you might have been together with a certain person and whatever you might have been through together when you were growing,Just don't never trust nobody especially when it comes to your relationship affairs.

Well what happened in my case was that with me and my couzin being of the same age group we spoke a lot about relationship and our partners treat us and in most of the talking we did,I was the one who spoke and shared a lot about my relationship so now after sharing a lot about my relationship with my cousin. I realized that she somehow started to grow a thing for him by the way she was interested in our affairs and the way she was always acting whenever we were around him.

So with things being that way. I started limiting the stuff I used to share because my gut kept telling me that if I continue like that, my cousin will be a problem to my relationship and I was not prepared for such,But then it seems like me stopping ddnt really help because she went and made a move on him, but luckily I found out, and I cloned his WhatsApp chats and started talking with her pretending as if I am my bf and this is what went down.Read chats below.

Although dealing with her the way I just did really give me some piece of mind for I know that she won't try to snatch him away from me. Another part of me feels sorry for her, as a lot might happen to her while she is at that taxi rank, especially if she doesn't have the transport money to return home. Do I really need to feel sorry for her, or it serves her right

Whats your take on what I have just done to my our sibling over a man.Do you think this was right or I should have just handled it another way or confronted her about it instead? Please state some comments below 

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