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5 Practical Ways Of Making Him Think About You All Day Long. - OPINION.

Because love is a two-way street, everyone needs to feel appreciated. When a woman positively responds to the excellent things that have been done to her, it makes a man feel joyful and treasured.

When a man's work environment is stressful, a woman has the power to make him forget about his problems and spend the entire day thinking about her, thus enhancing his mood.

A woman can do the following five things to make her boyfriend think about her throughout the day:

1.Do something unexpected for him. Behaving in a way he isn't accustomed to will catch him off guard, leaving him to speculate on what a woman is thinking. For example, a lady could volunteer to accompany him to work in the morning.

2.Kiss him passionately. A lady can greet him in the morning by hugging him tightly and kissing him deeply till he becomes perplexed and unsure of what to do next.

3.Congratulate him on his bedroom prowess. A lady should discuss the aspects of his behavior in the bedroom that thrill her the most. A woman might also compliment him on particular things he does for her that no other man has ever done.

4. Compose a love letter to him. A lady can go analogue by writing a love note on a piece of paper and slipping it into his pocket.

It will serve as a reminder of the woman whenever he tries to take something out of his pocket and finds it.

5. Send him a text message. A lady may make a man think about her all day by sending him a simple love note over the phone.

For example, a lady can express her love for him, express how much she misses him when he is away, and promise to love him forever.

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