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He Married Another Man Without Knowing, And This Is How He Discovered

This is how he discovered that he had been married to another man secretly.

Information obtained through the Twitter account of @Mbuso Wenkosi.

According to the Facebook page of Nomalizwi MC Mhlongo,

After a gay man is exposed for playing both sides, Mzansi is left empty-handed. Mzansi was eager to reflect on the changes taking place in his life. He's dating both a man and a woman, according to Twitter client @Mbuso Wenkosi.

In Mzansi, the oersin who are currently dating are being examined by other kinsmen because they are baffled. The people's secrets are out, and it appears that the wife has discovered that she's genuinely trying to handle everything. Nomalizwi MC Mhlongo, the lady behind the story, has asked that journalists be excused from covering the situation for the time being.

There's little doubt that the woman with whom he's seen is someone he's genuinely taken with. He is, without a doubt, a transgender woman. Unfortunately, the individual was unaware that his better half was in fact a transgender woman. On the most basic level, they ate both guys without realizing they were doing it.

It's a pity for him because he doesn't know what he likes when it comes to young men and women. For all intents and purposes, the person known as @Nomalizwi MC Mhlongo is no longer a male but a woman.

As the conflict rages on, people are being branded names for raising concerns. Who wouldn't be perplexed in the presence of so many different genders? The first three are clear to me. It's a closely guarded secret how to come out of being pansexual. Please, if you have the time, teach us if you can.

A pansexual, in my perspective, is someone who is attracted to people of any gender (this does not imply that they will date anyone), therefore the person's gender does not influence their feelings for them.

"Queer" refers to any sexual orientations and gender identities that do not fit neatly into the heterosexual or cisgender categories.

The term asexual refers to someone who lacks sexual attraction or a strong desire for sex. It covers a wide range of topics, but I wanted to learn more about it as well.

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