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Date My Family: A racist comment from a man on the show rubs viewers the wrong way

Date My Family is a shoe on Mzansi Magic that helps people find love by setting them up on a date. But before they can get there you have to date three families. This is where everything goes wrong of course. The third family ruined the vibe entirely.

Shirod, a coloured man, experience a rather unfair moment.

Shirod had been single for 3 years before deciding a reality television show was the best place to break the celibacy. It really wasn't. None of the families looked like a match to me and his quiet nature made them doubt him. It was just an uncomfortable episode overall.

However, the final family truly took the cake for me. The friend made a comment about not trusting coloured people it made my stomach turn. He said it so causally and Shirod took it on the chin but it was NOT alright. Viewers weren't happy with this and took to Twitter to express this.

Social Media Response

One user wrote, "Imagine saying you don't trust coloured people. The most family oriented people. People who love love and commitment. Dumb if you ask me. #DateMyFamily"

While another wrote, "#DateMyFamily I don't trust you because you are coloured.... That was the most uncivilized thing I have ever heard on this show"

A final user wrote, "#DateMyFamily You don't go around judging ppl like that just because they Colored. That's called discrimination."

The comment was very insensitive and offensive to me, it couldn't have come from a place of true knowledge. It was from a place of ignorance and I hate that. We've come too far as a country to go backwards like that.

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Source: Date My Family on Mzansi Magic DSTV channel 161

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