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10 Signs She Only Wants You As Friend, Not A Lover

You, as a male, must be able to discern whether a lady wants to be your lover or simply be friends with you. Knowing how to read a woman's body language is critical if you want to avoid going over your limit.

Check Out These 10 Telltale Signs That She Isn't Looking to Date You.

When she introduces you to the public, she presents you as nothing more than a friend.

If she is with you or in your presence, she still expresses interest in other guys. This is a hint that you've been living in the friend zone because she has no plans to date or be romantically involved with you in the future.

She's never envious of your relationships with other women. An attractive lady will become envious or protective if they see you with another woman.

She finds it difficult to commit to just one date with you at a time. She either shows up with a group of her pals or invites a large number of others. In addition, she has difficulty spending time with you. Then don't get into anything romantic with you.

She doesn't exhibit you any romantic feelings. She may give you a hug, but don't expect her to kiss you or do anything else dirty with you. Likewise, she regards you solely as a friend. So, if you're not receiving a reaction from her, don't push it.

When she's with you, she talks about her love life. She may discuss her love life with you, including how well her boyfriend treats her. She might also tell you this since she regards you as a friend and doesn't want to harm your feelings by disclosing it to you in a casual way.

When you bring up dating her, she either ignores you or flat-out tells you she's not interested. She considers you to be a brother or a friend to her, depending on your relationship.

You'll be able to tell she doesn't care about you by the way her body language behaves.

She most likely turned you down when you asked her out or proposed to her twice.

As soon as she notices you are feeling depressed, she gives you a shoulder pat. Women may feel horrible and sorry for you right now, but they won't kiss or hug you because of it. However, they are merely around to boost your self-esteem as a buddy.

Consequently, males must know when a woman likes them or only views them as a friend. However, not all women or girls who enter your life are looking for a relationship; some are only there for friendship. If you fail to respect their wishes, you may find yourself without these women for the rest of your life.

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