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Ladies Can Your Men Do All This For His Child (see pics)

Looking at social many social media platforms this days, A week hardly comes and goes without there being rumors and big stories of a man who has been assaulting his own woman and kids which is bad news and do not deserve any justification but to be ended instantly.However it is quite funny how when the very same men come through for the kids and women they hardly trend for doing so everyone just always turns a blind eye to their good deeds which should stop anyway. 

So now that as readers you could be wondering were I am going with all this, Let me not waste more of your precious time but jump straight into showing you some good deeds men has done for their kids but did not trend for it while they should have looking at the risks which were involved throughout the process. Please see all the pics attached below 

'squite sad to see that no matter what happens or the day, One can never come across such trending on social media one has to do a deep search in order to see that okay the" One rotten potato makes the rest rot too " does not apply to all men, The saying that really applies to men is the one that says"You can't judge a book by its cover just turn the pages and read" If you are out there, and maybe you have been mistreated by a certain guy be it through cheating or maybe assault or any form of abuse, Do not make the mistake of generalizing all men with the doings of the one you encountered your bad experiences with people are not the same.

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