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The reason why most women are single

The are certain things that are very common to understand things like sports, careers, cars, movies and men and their things that are very hard to understand things like politics, religions and women.

Most of the time a men at early age can know what kind of career wants to follow and which football team he support, how many kids does he want, what kind of women will he like to marry and spend the rest of his life with. A man can stick to one thing for the rest of his life.

But on the other hand women are confused at the early age and till they rest forever. Today she want a muscle guy tomorrow she want a rich guy. She wants to study law but she end up being a nurse. Women change their mind each everyday, today Manchester united wins she is a fan tomorrow Chelsea wins she is a fan.

The mind of a woman always changes, that's why today she can marry a rich guy and travel the world and when she is done with traveling she will get bored easily with all that money. She can have a rich man in the suburbs who gives her everything but she will want some side from kasi. That's why most women cheat most men can't seem to get them. And women are likely the ones who asks for divorces.

Here are some reasons why women most women are still single

You date her today, tomorrow she acts like your wife

Most of women when their dating them they will start to change you. She be telling you that you can't go out to watch football game with your friends late, because she thinks one of your friend looks like a player and your not even married to the lady. Man hate that that's why they run.

Being lazy

Some women when they date you, you automatically become their financial problem saver. The ask you simply things like airtime and not to call you. You be paying their nails, hair, dinner and movies. Man want women who are independent and don't demand much from them. If you demand much men run, but if you're independent man spends more and love more.

Being ungrateful

Most beautiful ladies are very ungrateful. You can find a women with a child, without a job and date her and accept the child as yours, but she will find a way to always remind you that your not the father and encourage her child to call you uncle. Man hate that, if am feeding the child and emotional supporting the child I am the papa not uncle. Some women think that their beautiful, men should always praise and berg them for attention.

Claiming 50/50

She will claim that your equal but she demands more and her words are final.

We all know women are strong and we have to respect them and worship them because without them the is no us. But women should learn to treat men the way they want to be treated and appropriate what men do for them.

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