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R80 girlfriend allowance drives South African woman crazy - What boyfriend is this?

The monetary issues of connections are exceptionally interesting. Men are frequently expected to monetarily accommodate their spouses or lady friends through month to month recompenses that can help them with their fundamentals. However, what happens when the stipend is in tens and hundreds? Is it enough or is this one lady being nonsensical. She shared screen captures of multi month bank notices, she got R80, R250 and R150 as the "sweetheart recompense", sums that made her inquiry if these sums are adequate or not. 

For some South Africans, the issue was not the sum sent but rather the reaction this lady shipped off his beau. She essentially playfully let him know how little this measure of cash was. 

Many individuals came for her. There are various contentions in this matter. Some encouraged her to date somebody in her monetary territory so he can give bigger measures of cash. On the other side, many are persuaded that she doesn't see the value in the work from his beau. Additionally, she was encouraged to go work for her own cash and quit requesting certain sums from her accomplice.

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