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7 Signs That Will Let You Know that Your Girlfriend Is After Your Money Not You

All guys love to drink wine and dine with his wife, but when extravagance and material possessions become the focal point, you have to wonder if the relationship is based on true love or just money.

If you think the woman you're dating is more interested in your wallet than you are, here are 8 warning signs your girlfriend is a gold digger.

1. She never pays for anything

When it comes time to collect the check for dinner, a movie, or whatever the two of you do, she's nowhere to be found.

If you're the one who is constantly pouring money into the relationship, this should be your sign that she's just using you.

2. She feels entitled

A gold digger will walk around feeling the right to the good life without feeling the need to lift a finger to achieve it.

Since she craves status and has no long-term goals, the gold digger expects to drive a brand new car with luxury features and wear $ 500 shoes without feeling the need to. earn their own money to achieve this.

This high maintenance type of woman feels she has a right to pursue her big dreams at the expense of financial stability and, coincidentally, hasn't thought about who will foot the bill and yet they pretend to be " BIG GIRLS ". . (A big girl who cannot support herself and depends on others for her survival).

3. She tries to trick men into pregnancy

Everyone knows that unless a woman decides to artificially conceive a child is a two-person act and if you decide to have unprotected sex with a woman then you should be male enough. to accept the consequences. However, a gold digger will insist on having unprotected sex.

She's hoping to get pregnant so that she can use it to her financial advantage as she sees children as a life-long financial insurance policy, funny, right? shocked She will intentionally stop using her contraceptive without your knowledge and will even go so far as to inform your family that she is pregnant for you. And even when your family is against each other and showing all the signs of hate towards her, they really don't care what the family of the guys say and will do anything to get the guy to the altar instead of the guy. take her (you know what I mean here), because she's not desperate to be a wife or a mother, but desperate to milk you. And seriously, this type of women will be the chief dictator of what goes on in a man's life, how he spends his money and everything about him if she ends up trapping the man with marriage. (seriously, I saw it coming).

4. She relies a lot on others

She knows you don't want her to get an eviction notice or repossess her car, and you're a good person who will always be able to help her, right? Wrong.

There is a big difference between someone who has just been through a rough patch and a woman who is completely dependent on others for her cost of living and purchasing needs.

5. She has no professional aspirations

A gold digger will avoid finding a job and will demonstrate that she has no intention of developing a career even if she is perfectly capable of it.

6. It only suggests expensive gifts, travel, restaurants, etc.

She will refuse sentimental and heartfelt gifts, as she is greedy for gifts imbued with money and expects nothing less than 4 star accommodation and restaurants, shopping in designer stores and exotic vacations.

7. She has temper tantrums when you don't buy her things.

She is the emotional age of a child and won't hesitate to have a temper tantrum when things don't go as planned, especially when you refuse to buy her something or give her more money.

The end !!!

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