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Husband and wife relationship

5 Mistake Couple's Make In The First Of Marriage And Things You Should Know.

The honeymoon period, when both spouses are in love and life seems relatively spectacular, usually lasts for the first year of marriage. The issue is that if they are unaware of some of the difficulties that come with being newlyweds, many couples run the risk of stepping into a ticking time bomb.

Here, experts outline 13 of the most frequent errors that newlyweds make and offer advice on how to correct them.

You should anticipate that this is what you are getting because you married someone who has their own background, personality, and life experiences.

3. Lack of fighting skills

It's possible that couples don't know how to argue with one another. Relationship and LGBTQ-affirming therapist Katie Leikam says, "They might not know if it's preferable to figure things out before going to sleep or to cool off for the night." When you're not arguing, talk to your partner about what would be most beneficial for each of you, then put that advice into practice the next time a dispute arises.

4. Lack of awareness of household expectations

Were you taught growing up that some household tasks are performed by one gender only? Do you have differing ideas about who should do what around the house? Discuss with your partner how you were brought up with regard to gendered roles and what you think ought to be the same or different based on your beliefs, advises Leikam. "Be specific about expectations for who is in charge of what. You might be surprised.

5. Quarreling over insignificant issues

Fighting over crumbs on the floor or the toilet seat being left up is not the way to start a good relationship. If you don't learn to control your tongue in marriage, you'll find yourself arguing with your husband all the time. Try talking about your pet.


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