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"When She's Your EX Partner Versus While She Is Still Dating You", Social Media Users React.

A lady recently trended on social media after sharing her two snaps in comparison of how she normally looks when she is an relationship and not. And social media users have taken their to react on them and also share their views.

Almost every man across the whole world is very familiar to the instant regret that they normally receive after breaking up with their partners. This comes after the glow woman obtain immediately after break ups. And the act could be identified as unfair.

It is definitely without doubt that women are the most beautiful beings on earth , and that is exactly what you get when they first get into a relationship with you. But the glow begins to hit different when in the period of the relationship, which is when men slowly lose interest. And when men leave the relationship, the become the most beautiful beings again.

A large number of men took to social media to share their views and said it is just not fair at all. But women came in defense to say that it shows that they are better off without men. A lady wrote: " How do men expect us to glow while the impreginate, stress and cheat on us?"

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