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Husband and wife relationship

MnaKwethu: Qondanisa's 3rd Wife Says It Boldly That She's Going To Take Samantha's Place

Now, you probably remember that Qondanisa once mentioned that there would come a time when he would have to introduce his third wife.

And obviously, this did not sit well with the wives and they probably felt like they did not have a say in a matter that concerns them, after weeks of requesting, Qondanisa ended up saying that he would take the third wife whether they like it or not.

Samantha had a problem with that, she was against it from the onset, she even mentioned that she would also have someone outside of the marriage if Qondanisa goes ahead and takes the third wife.

The first wife, MaMchunu was more understanding of the situation, but one could tell that she was not really pleased with how Qondanisa went about doing things.

With everything that was happening, MaMchunu took the back seat and watched everything, there were constant arguments between Qondanisa and Samantha.

One would have expected MaMchunu to question Qondanisa about the third wife, but instead Samantha is the one who is in the forefront.

And Samantha is the same person who is not even sure whether she is carrying Qondanisa's child or not. From the look of things, if MaMchunu really had a problem with Qondanisa's decision to take another wife, then he might have done things differently.

He probably would have tried way harder to convince MaMchunu to welcome the third wife in their family. But, Samantha is the one who has a problem and Qondanisa is not really bothered, on the last episode of the show, we got to see the third wife, MaZwide.

And one thing about MaZwide, she understands very well what it means to be a third wife and she has been vocal whenever she needed to. It seems like MaMchunu does not have a problem with MaZwide, but we do not know what might happen later on.

For now, Samantha is the one who might continue to clash MaZwide, the next season might be really interesting, MaZwide is calm, but it is clear that she is ready for any challenges.

MaZwide even mentioned at some point that she would replace Samantha and with how things have been going, she might do just that.

The relationship between Qondanisa and Samantha is already strained, if it happens that the child that Samantha is carrying is not Qondanisa's then that might be the end of her.

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