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Men, Here Are 5 Types Of Women you should Not Marry If You Want To Last in life.

There are some couples or men that are unfavorable in terms of a relationship or marriage, but as a guy, you don't have to marry them if you want a happy relationship or marriage. 

Marriage can also predict whether a man will live a long life or not, because if you marry a bad wife or woman, you may become depressed for the rest of your life or perhaps die as a result of excessive thinking and melancholy. Joy will be a distant memory in this instance. 

So, if you're a single man considering marriage, you must exercise extreme caution. We all know that marriage isn't always a bed of roses; it's full of ups and downs, but getting married to someone you understand is in your best interests. 

If you want to have a long-term relationship, avoid these five types of women. 

1. The Woman Who Is Only Concerned With Her Own Self-Interest 

You should avoid self-centered women, those that can't support their husbands even if they are financially secure while you are struggling. Women like these have a limited perspective. Love and support are the foundations of any successful relationship or marriage. In a relationship or marriage, if someone truly loves you, he or she will help you when you are in need or down, rather than being selfish and only worrying about himself. 

If you want a happy and successful marriage, stay away from women who just care about themselves and don't care about your feelings or thoughts. 

2. The Woman Who Is Afraid To Be Respected. 

These women are unpleasant and impolite and never respect you. Why would you marry someone who is incapable of respecting you? 

Respect for her partner is something a good lady should learn to do. A woman who does not appreciate her husband may be unfit to be a wife. Such women are to be avoided. 

The Flirty Lady is number three on the list. 

Even in a relationship or marriage, women who want to flirt with other guys. They have a proclivity for cheating and may be unfaithful in their marriages or relationships. If you can't change them in a relationship, it's advisable to avoid marriage with such ladies. 

The Materialistic Type is the fourth of the four personality types. 

A lady who is obsessed with material possessions and is unconcerned about your financial situation wants you to buy her the latest iPhone, clothes, automobiles, and hairstyles. 

Such women are unlikely to save money for the future and may wind up bankrupting you. If you can't meet her needs for a long time, you'll have problems in your relationship or marriage. 

The Gossip Type is the fifth type of personality. 

Such women are unconcerned about their own affairs and are constantly discussing other people's personal problems. Such women may not make good wives since they talk a lot or can't keep secrets; she may endanger her family or husband if she can't control her tongue. 

So, if you truly desire peace of mind after being married, you must be very cautious as a male when it comes to marriage. 

I appreciate your taking the time to read this. 

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