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Unpacking Korobela and Its Dangers

Korobela is used to make someone to fall in love with you and is not permanent as it requires you to always renew it. With Korobela you force someone to love you against their will. When you are under the spell of Korobela you become controlled by your partner and when people try to warn you, you might even fight them and defend your partner.

Korobela does more harm than good because you are making someone to love you by tricking and using umuthi on them.

The truth is there is no muthi or any spell that can make someone to love you and someone should love you without any influence. Yes you might try use spells and muthi to make someone to fall in love with you but that will backfire on the long run and that person might found out that you are using muthi on them and in most cases that person will leave you.

You might think using Korobela is a good idea but it is not, for one someone who is under the spell of Korobela is possessive and in severe cases that person oftentimes leaves work, cut ties with their family and friends just to be with you 24/7.

Love is built around trust, honesty and communication not Korobela and if in your relationship you don't have that your relationship won't survive. We must not force people to love us, love comes naturally and is not forced

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