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4 Sure Signs That A Girl Is Crushing On You

Women are beloved creatures and were to be loved by the people they loved. Every woman has symptoms that she shows when she is late to love you, but one thing you should not do for a woman is to deny what she wants or loves you.

 Here Are 4 Signs That A Girl Is Breaking You.

 * Always Looking At You: When a mother loves you, she always looks at you and hopes you will see her presence and love you. Women are quiet people and would not want to be the first to approach you.

 * They Want You To Be Close To You All The Time: If a mother has her own preferences, she is always around you, she would love to be with you all the time and be close to you.

 * They Spend Money On You: They just want to give you more money and make sure you are happy every time you are with him.

 * He Does Not Want to Miss a Day Lost: When a woman pressures you, she doesn't want to spend every minute without you, she always wants to know about your life and how you are coping.

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