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Divorce Affair

"He is thinking he made a terrible mistake and his mind is with the other girl." One suggests

Marriage is a blessing that comes from above and when that day finally comes, it's supposed to be the happiest day of one's life.

If ever you find yourself getting cold feet about your wedding, it would be wise to carefully examine the relationship up until that point. Make sure you know damn well why you’re getting cold feet. Sometimes, it can be a warning sign to bail. Sometimes, it’s just nerves. Either way, figure that problem out immediately.

This was the case on th TL after someone made this post.👇🏾

The groom looks lost and deep in thought as if he was getting cold feet. Tweeps did not waste time in adding their two cents on the matter, a lot of suggestions flooded in the comment box with different scenarios of why the gentleman could be looking uncomfortable.

I strongly suggest that If you have cold feet, its always wise to talk to someone. Tell your parents. Tell your fiance. You do have the right and the option to call the wedding off - whether you want to delay it because you and fiance aren’t on the same page about your mutual values or whether you don’t think your fiance is the right person for you to commit to. Yes, there is sometimes some embarrassment about calling off a wedding, but it is a whole lot less expensive than ending a marriage through divorce.

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