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Why Men Who Marry Women From Another Country Might Be Happier (opinion)

Hunks like George Clooney and Matthew McConaughey have found love with breathtakingly beautiful international women. Intercultural marriages are a unique experience that can transform a man's life. A man can not only learn a lot from his wife, but he may also have more options in life than he had previously.

We've compiled a list of all the reasons why men find international women so appealing, as well as how it can benefit their lives.

They learn a new language.

This is the ideal justification, and they even have their own personal teacher. Even if you both speak the same language, the families may not, so getting to know them is essential. Being multilingual (even trilingual!) offers obvious mental benefits, as he will obtain a different perspective on the world.

They travel more

Of course, having a woman with a family in another country necessitates numerous journeys abroad. This could be the ideal time for them to include a brief vacation while visiting relatives and friends. Stopover flights can become mini-adventures as he visits areas he never expected to visit. There's also the benefit of having two passports, which allows him to travel more easily.

According to a study, couples who travel more are less likely to divorce, which strengthens marriages through enhancing communication.

They get two weddings

There are never enough excuses to get together with friends and family, and what better cause than a wedding? A multicultural wedding can immerse him in another culture, which can be a lot of fun for him.

Recent studies show that this is becoming less typical, as fewer people in the United States have chosen to marry in the last few decades.

They celebrate more holidays than they used to.

Sharing ethnic traditions, especially during festivities and holidays, can be a fun component of any relationship. Husbands can not only initiate new holiday traditions, but they can also share their own with their spouses, feeling the thrill all over again.

Sharing these times together can be a crucial aspect of a great marriage, and studies suggest that having a healthy marriage has numerous physical and mental benefits.

They fall in love with food again

With a new place and culture comes the opportunity to sample new foods, in other words, a chance to find a new favorite meal. Food may be a tasty method for him to learn more about his wife and where she comes from, and it can also be a gateway into a culture. Food, according to anthropologists, is extremely important for our social relationships and communication because it is something we can all share.

They see their home with fresh eyes.

Taking someone on a tour of your hometown or country can provide you with a fresh perspective on where you grew up. Her inquisitiveness and excitement about things he considers to be quite normal can help him appreciate where he comes from once more. Interacting with the city in a new way, perhaps as a visitor, can help him find a new side to his city and create new experiences with his friends.

They get more attention from their wife

This is especially true if he and his partner are in a long-distance relationship, which is common in multicultural relationships. Spending time together becomes more valuable, and it might even deepen the couple's bond. As a result, it's possible that following the test of long-distance and time apart to visit their families, she'll take him less for granted and they'll have a happier marriage.

They have more job opportunities

Because an international wife is likely to speak another language, the husband may decide to study it as well. Having two passports and being multilingual can open several avenues in the employment market that he may not have considered before.

Bilingual workers are in high demand, according to statistics, because they are regarded a key element of the economy. So there may be further financial rewards for him.

What are your thoughts on intercultural marriage? When did you tie the knot?


Content created and supplied by: RefilweSylvester (via Opera News )

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