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My Wife Discovered I Had no Legs After Our Wedding, I Expected Her to Divorce me” – Man Narrates


A man named Ndisenga and his wife, Deborah, have been married for eight months. Ndisenga made it clear that he had been in love with his wife for two years but did not tell her that he had no legs.

Ndisenga's story is very sad and at the same time disturbing, according to him, he suffered a fire accident which resulted in the amputation of both his legs. Another tragedy is that he lost his entire family as a result of the fire and was left alone for a long time.

He said many people in the village or community abused him because of his condition, with many people laughing at him and saying that no woman would ever agree to marry because of her disability.

Ndisenga is a very successful musician in his career, and he revealed that he met his wife while singing in a competition. Recounting how he found her, he made it clear that she mustered up the courage and went to him after his game, became good friends, and the friendship grew into a loving relationship.

While they were dating, he was unable to open his wife at that time if his legs were amputated for fear of rejection since he was facing opposition in his childhood.

They prepared for their wedding, got married, and his wife was shocked to see that her husband had no legs but that did not stop him from loving her.

Deborah claims to be her husband and will always be by his side. On the other hand, Ndisenga expected his wife to divorce him but this did not happen.

They have been married for eight months and say that it is the best thing that ever happened to them.

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