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Divorce Affair

BILA: Would you stay with a cheating partner because he buys your favourite food

Bila Hlengiwe wants to know if it will become more important to continue being in a relationship with your partner because he has a fridge full of food and the media weighs in with their various experiences. People have something that they find important in their partners.

But from Hlengiwe, she is not encouraging others to have a relationship based on food and should become able to make their own decisions within the relationship. She agreed to the situation that a woman would not breakup their relationship because of cheating and all their needs were being served with responsibility.


She is making others aware of what other people are going through and she wants people to talk about it. For various reasons, it became more critical to go through the engagement. Having food is vital, and one person does not have to go through pain just to continue to have food.

Many people cannot break their relationship, and the matter of cheating is so huge that it happens all the time. Moja Love Television has been sharing episodes where people have been caught cheating and their many reasons that have pushed them to be in a situation where they have been caught cheating.



1. Kamo: Yes, because South Africa women tweeted this nonsense 

2. Because South African women are engaged to the nonsense.

3. Motase: I can buy this things for myself.

4. Macscherry: Can you buy for me?

5. Uncle Teddy: Stay away from polony from Shoprite.

5. Nkati: What does the fridge do?

When it comes to the interaction, the responses is a very hard engagement, and other people likes to make jokes when other people are discussing important matters. It cannot be stopped or ended and should be encouraged.

It is very good that she helps others on the internet to look out for themselves, and if you are not happy, you can end the relationship.

What are your thoughts?

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