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5 ways to gain a woman 's trust

It's not an easy thing to gain someone's trust , remember trust is something that one earns it can be give easily on a silver platter.

At the same time it's a task that can be accomplished to gain a woman 's trust , you just got to be honest with yourself and try by all means necessary to do what's right that way it's easier for her to trust you.

Here are the main most important 5 ways to gain trust from a woman in a relationship :

5. Always tell the truth.

The truth shall set you free . It is a fact! Lying for the sake of trying to win a woman's heart is not okay , somewhere down the lie the truth shall come out and when it does you will lose a good woman .

Women hate men who lie . So nomatter how difficult or embarrassing it maybe just be honest with her . Let her decide if she want to be with you or not , don't tell a lie.

4. Do not cheat.

When you cheat in the first place you are letting her know that she is not enough for you thus you decided to cheat.

Cheating is a choice so there is no way that she is going to stand and listen to your reasons for cheating.

3. Be yourself.

Display your true and genuine character when you are with a woman , that way she will like you for who you really are. 

When you pretend to be something you are not , the moment your true nature is revealed she will not settle for being deceived.

2. Be attentive.

Women invest their feelings towards a partner with good listening skills. Women are emotional therefore they want to be listened to when they speak or express themselves so to earn a woman 's trust teach yourself to be attentive.

1. Be of a humble character.

A humble man is a matured man with an understanding mindset.

Women love men who are down to earth .

A man who knows when to admit and apologise when he has done wrong.

A man with an approachable and accommodative personality , someone who is easy to talk to and share things with.

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