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VIDEO: South Africa not happy with their fiasco dating


They are having a different way of their dating which it is all about dating experience and theirs is unique from how other people are having theirs. Usually people are seating accordingly as the car seats allocated and with them, they are sharing the very same driver seat.

They are on one seat from the driver seat and he is driving the car while sharing the driver seat. It has taken people on social media platform by storm from how they are displaying their lifestyle of dating. It is different and a wonderful experience to be part of it.


It is also having the opposite side of it as when they could be involved in an accidental situation. The driver needs to focus on driving and as how he is driving, his attention is divided. It can not be happening from any vehicle transmission.

Coming from the comments is another interesting views to be aware of what other people are thinking about the whole experience:

1. Lucky Makhetloane: If they could be involved in an accident, they are going to share the very same wheelchair and they will not have a need for two of them.

2. Ungovernable: He should be arrested.


3. Dominic: Depicts exactly how the RAF is having an opportunity or about giving them a payment using a meme.

4. Certified: He hoped he was a Traffic cop and arrest them for what they are doing.

5. Gugulethu: They will go straight to jail without going through court.

The comments coming under the post from Ms Kefilwe are very interesting and you will laugh so hard when reading them. It is a norm from how users participating in the social media, who are having comments for days. You don't need to comment but reading them is a fiasco.


At the end of the day, they are enjoying their most preferable lifestyle and their is no procedure to follow. But what they are doing is wrong and will get them arrested for this whole experience. It is not reported if they are on the bad side of the law as in being arrested for it.

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