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Why Men No Longer Chase Women After They Say No

When a man used to invite a woman out and, when she declined or wasn't sure, he wouldn't let her sleep until she reluctantly agreed, those days are long gone. This method has even been used to build a large number of houses. On the other hand, many people wonder, "Why don't guys chase women anymore?" Chasing in this context refers to the old-fashioned notion of long, drawn-out courtship. Nowadays, men simply give up when a woman says no to their advances. The explanations aren't difficult to come up with.


Despite what you may have read on the internet, playing the field of love makes a man fall harder for you. Here's where exercising restraint comes in handy. When a guy you've been seeing for some time asks you out, don't be surprised. You have the option of accepting or rejecting. Anything other than that is putting on a show and is a huge waste of time. It's also a red flag for a woman who isn't emotionally committed, which is a turnoff for the majority of men nowadays.


Value is one factor that might motivate a man to pursue a woman to any lengths. However, if she's just like the rest of the girls, he'll think she's not so special after all and go on to the next one. This is why you need to establish yourself as a lady so that any potential suitors are sure that it's you and you alone they are interested in.


Many people believe that relationships are a waste of time in the current economic climate. This isn't to say that people haven't found love in the meanwhile. To be honest, finding love is the best thing that can happen to anyone. However, there are those men who are laser-focused. Their philosophy is that money is the ultimate solution to all problems.

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