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"I Hate men After my Brother And His Friends Forced Themselves on me, I've Never Dated" Lady says

Gakii, a 40-year-old woman, recounts how her brother and his buddies s3xually assaulted and abused her as a child, leaving her with a deep-seated hatred of men.

Adopted by a family that cared a lot but neglected Gladys, she was raised in an environment where she was constantly abused.

When her brother and pals forced themselves on her on this specific day, they drugged her with a soda and she awoke in the hospital the next minute unaware of what had transpired.

After realizing that her brother and friends had taken advantage of her, she learned that she was only an adopted daughter in the family. She was devastated by this revelation. Eventually, she came to understand why she was always abused by the people who raised her in the past.

In order for her to begin the healing process, she had to go through counseling, which was extremely difficult for her. She fled her foster family's home and began working as a housemaid to support herself.

As a guarantor for a loan, she had saved up enough money to create a business for seven years, but her friend shut it down once she got a loan and moved away.

She had lost everything and was despondent to the point of suicide, but her buddy intervened just in time to save her from taking her own life.

Despite her 40th birthday, she was able to return to school thanks to the support of her well-wishers and is now enrolled in college.

Gladys encourages individuals to persevere and never give up on their dreams. Despite everything that happened to her, she is today a contented human being.

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