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Women should not be killed but appreciated. Do this for them

Women need to be appreciated. They keep the world in balance. Bring peace. Women do it through their feminine vibe, soothing touch, warm embrace, intense devotion, etc.

Appreciation is a strong feeling of thankfulness, gratitude or recognition of worth or excellence.

When someone says “I appreciate you” to another person in a sentence it is usually because they feel that person has done something good for them and deserves an outward recognition of thanks.

It could also be used as an expression of admiration towards another’s accomplishments. When people say this phrase, they are usually saying it to mean they are:

• Thankful for what you have done for them.

• Grateful for your contribution in a situation.

• Wanting to share their acknowledgement of something helpful of exception you have done and that you deserve recognition and respect for it.

• Hoping to show admiration towards your hard work or effort to help out.

They say women are the most complicated people but when it comes to relationships, there are a few things all women want and appreciate from a man.

Women love flowers. Send her something that will continue to bloom, like an orchid, and she will be reminded of your appreciation.

As men, we need to make sure that they are appreciated and given the love they deserve.

How to Appreciate Your Girlfriend?

• Listen To Her. That is a kind of problem with boys! ...

• Give Her Time. Do not be always busy chilling around with your friends! ...

• Don't Make Her Wait. ...

• Surprise Her With Gifts. ...

• Celebrate Her Success. ...

• Be Her Poet. ...

• Keep Saying Lovely Things. ...

• Send A Lovely Message.

Give your partner compliments and words of appreciation - make a habit of it everyday.

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