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Watch: Guy snatching out sneakers he bought for his girlfriend after finding out she cheated on him


Watch: Boyfriend snatching shoes he bought for his girlfriend after finding out she cheated on him

The guys are fixing our country and it’s sad how some people are doing it. A certain video was circulating on Twitter whereby a guy came in to the restaurant where his girlfriend was eating at. When he got there he took off the lady’s shoes, take the food she was eating and the drinks as well and then left just like that .

Poor girl was just sitting there and not doing anything . According to a close source, the lady was out there enjoying herself with another guy. It is not yet clear how the boyfriend found out about the whereabouts of the lady but I suspect it could have been her friend who ditched her out to her boyfriend.

It seems like ladies should get used to this . I guess the time for ladies to be independent has come. They should buy themselves all these things so that when they cheat their partners won’t be able to do anything to them . It’s really sad seeing many women loosing their houses and everything they have worked add for to vanishing into thin air just like that .

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