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Women, Never Allow Any Man Who Is Not Your Husband Take Advantage Of These 6 Parts Of Your Body

Occasionally, males will use women inappropriately, as if there were some area of their bodies they were not meant to touch. To touch a woman's private parts is strictly forbidden unless she's your wife, girlfriend, or she's given you permission to do so.

Never, as a woman, make a joke about someone who physically abuses you or improperly touches a private area of your body. Other methods exist for attracting a woman's attention if you don't want to touch her in any way.

Some of these habits irritate women, and from my limited experience, these poor habits are most commonly found in markets, roadways, clubs, and schools.

Women, Here are six body parts you should never allow any man to take advantage of, unless he is your husband or boyfriend.


Never, ever allow a man touch your butts unless he is your husband or boyfriend as a woman. He can address you in a variety of ways. Avoiding public displays of affection for your buttocks. It's an embarrassment to look at. Permission or freedom to treat you badly should never be given to anyone who is not your husband.

Stop any man who attempts that with you, and if he doesn't feel terrible or acts as if it's his right, report him to the police.

Your legs.

There is nothing more alluring than a woman's legs when it comes to males. So, unless it's your husband or boyfriend, never grant a man permission to touch your legs. That's because it's a tempting behavior, and stroking and rubbing your legs without having a lengthy chat is bad.

To avoid this, halt any men who approach you and advise them not to try anything like this again.


If you don't have a sexual relationship with a lady, it's bad form for a male to touch her waist.

Most of all, when done in public, while other people are watching, letting a man or a complete stranger grip your waist makes you feel cheap. Never allow a stranger to have such unrestricted access to your life.

Your cheeks

In order to have access to kiss you on the cheeks, a man must either love or be in a relationship with you. That explains why men enjoy stroking the cheeks of the women they adore. It's a symbol of affection, and only those close to you, like your husband or boyfriend, are allowed to touch you in this way.

Do not, under any circumstances, let an uninvited guy simply kiss you on the cheek.


One of the body's most vital organs. A man touching a woman's neck might send her into a frenzy or put her in a good mood, depending on whether it's from someone they love.

It's a popular spot for males to make out while they're in a relationship, especially when they're doing things outside of the bedroom.

The area around the neck is not intended for touching or playing with, and tickling it can induce a lady to say or do things she shouldn't or lead to poor decision-making.

As a woman, you have a responsibility to create boundaries with guys who are not romantically involved with you. A component of the body like this isn't meant to be fiddled with.

Cleavage And Bre*sts

Never allow a stranger to come close to such a personal part of your body. Most of the time, I see this happen at the market, where males are reaching up and groping women's breasts in an unwelcome and uncomfortable way. Guys who touch women they meet or see on the street without any physical connection or even knowing the woman have this bad habit. Things like this aren't right; they're abusive and should be punished.

For this reason, men who often touch women without thinking twice should kick the behavior before it gets them into difficulties down the road.

People will appreciate you more if you dress good, advice I'd give to all the women out there. Putting yourself out there can just lead to greater temptation and problems. If you want to be respected and not groped, dress appropriately.

Thank you for your time.

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