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Wedding planning scene

"My perfect little private wedding" a lady gets people talking after posting her wedding.

It's wedding session once again we couple have their weddings and celebrate with family and friends. Weddings especially this time of the year are the best, you are able to cooperate tradition very well into the wedding. But not everyone makes their wedding the traditional one were you are all dressed up and family is all there to celebrate along ,this new generation has changed up things and prefer small weddings. A lady posted her wedding on Twitter and had people speechless she captioned her post " My perfect little private wedding " and had people left speechless. See her post down below.

Weddings have changed it's no longer about that huge wedding were the whole community is inviting but now people prefer the more smaller and private. Weddings can be quite expensive and couple choose these kind of weddings to save up for their new life together.

People reacted to this and had a lot to say. See some of their comments down below.

What are your thoughts on this kind of weddings? Something you would do or not? Comment down below your thoughts.


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