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RIP | Such a brutal killing over insecurities and suspicions

This is saddest story I have ever head he killed her on suspicion of smses he found on her phone while he actually send them a while back. Women do keep old smses my ex did that she never deleted our consersations this girl didnt deserve this. Jealous rage is like temporary insanity he needed to restrain himself and verify his facts this is very sad. I suppose she was cheating, but Pasile should know you that if you search your girlfriend's phone, you get what you want. She did not deserve to die like that if someone was in love with her so what? we are not in 16th century where you don't kill for that rather just walk away. I love you and l miss you are messages l get from guys l don't even date or have anything in them, so does that mean you are cheating on someone.?Sometimes girls use to say this to their friends but here it was him who sent those msgs with a fone he was using previously then hardly to recognize, if she is not worth your trust leave her and find the one worthy, don't kill her we are not living for our selves there are others depending on our living so, you may think you kill one only to find more than one suffered by your actions. Such a brutal killing over insecurities and suspicions this one must never see the outside world again, he deserve to die infact. See why you will find many repeat offenders, because this guy will be released in his 40s and he will do this again. Because I doubt someone who chops off someone's body can become rehabilitated. This is beyond sad. Imagine the struggles, sacrifices and hard work to raise a child, sending them to law school with the hope that they lead a good, long life. My heart bleeds for these parents they have to face this horror every time they are reminded of their gorgeous girl, who had so much potential to be someone great

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Pasile RIP


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