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Girl 25, is dating man 71. Is she a gold digger?

That is the question often asked of Fabienne, 25 of Montreal, Canada. She is dating 71 year old Denis, a man 46 years older.

"I am asked that a lot. Whether he is my sugar daddy. Whether I am is just waiting for him to die. Especially on social media because we share our relationship a lot.I just learned to ignore it. We don't read those comments anymore. We don't waste our energy on it."

Fabienne is a presenter media personality and actress. She is also a public figure with more than 130000 Instagram followers. Denis is a trader on the stock market.

They met at a charity event where Fabienne was the main speaker. The aim was to raise funds for disadvantaged children in the Congo. At the end of the evening he gave her his number so she can call him for a date.

Fabienne thought he was different from the other guys and his way of seeing things was different. That's what made him so interesting for her.

Denis found her physically attractive. That's why he pursued her. They do everything together, including Facebook live and tik tok.

On the topic of children both are in agreement. They don't want kids. Fabienne adds "I don't want children. I've always been a career woman more than a family woman. Denis, who has two kids in their forties, doesn't want any more kids.

They don't know what the future holds for their relationship because of how old Denis is. They just want to enjoy every moment.

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