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Divorce Affair

I Want To Cheat On My Husband Because He Doesn't Give Me The Attention I Deserve— Lady Cries Out


According to a source who spoke on the condition of anonymity, an unnamed Nigerian lady recently took to social media to express her dissatisfaction with the way her husband treats her in the house. As reported on Twitter by posthubman, the woman who sought anonymity claimed that she and her husband had been married for four years and that they had a single kid between the two of them. In order to accommodate the nature of her husband's work, he only visits her twice a month and stays for two or three days at a time on each visit. It is not his lack of attention that is the problem; rather, it is his inability to give her the attention she requires that is the problem.

Even though she has begged him on several occasions for him to take her concerns into consideration and begin paying attention to her, he would only promise her that he will not remain any further. In spite of the fact that she has the ability to cheat on her husband due to her job as a real estate manager, she has chosen to remain faithful to him out of affection for him and their children. Her devotion to him has been put to the test recently, though, when she learned that he is having an affair with a female coworker of theirs, putting her trust in him to the test.

Her recent encounter with a man has resulted in her developing a great connection to him, despite the fact that she first rejected him when he confessed to having feelings for her. Because he was stationed overseas at the time, he supplied her with money to help her in acquiring an apartment for him while he was away. In the near future, he will return to the United States, having just landed in Europe from his last stop in the United States. He connects with her using a variety of means, including phone talks, chats, and video calls, among others. Indeed, it has reached the point where people have begun to publish pictures on various social networking sites!

When asked about her feelings for her spouse, the woman said that she had entirely lost her affection for him. His failure to meet her expectations at a time when she required him the most has already prompted her to consider cheating on him as a result of his failure to meet her expectations at a time when she required him the most. As a result, she sought advise from others on social media about what to do in such a circumstance.

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