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Do this to build relationships that yield to prosperity

We often feel as if our relationships are not fulfilling, like something is falling short. This can be frustrating to build something that you know is going no where.

Sometimes we feel as if there is foul play, we long for the fullfilness around us, we long for prosperity and for doors to open for us and for atleast one thing to go according to plan.

No matter how long and how hard we pray it is like our prayers fall in deaf ears. Between our children not listening to us, sibling rivalries and no peace in our families, this all makes it hard to pray as all relations around us seem to stumble and fall.

Sometimes we have been applying for jobs and we hear no answer, we have been praying for our relationships and nothing seems to go right, we have been praying for peace amongst our families and still nothing.

What you will need is incense, snuff, and two white candles to follow this prayer. This prayer is done at 2:30am after saying your prayers to God and only lighting the white candles.

After paying to God and pouring your heart, you will light the incense and let the smoke be around you while the white candles are still on, you will sprinkle snuff on the ground and do this with your eyes open as we only close our eyes when we pray to God. You will say your maternal clannames, both your mothers and grandmothers, then your paternal clannames your including your fathers mother.

You will introduce yourself as the daughter/ son of your parents names and say your name. You will ask them for whatever your heart yearns for, for job, money, prosperity, lasting relationships, peace amongst your families, protection and promise to help at home once you receive this, and also tell them everything nowadays requires one to have money so there’s nothing you can do at home as you do not have resources and you will see the stagnancy being lifted from your life.

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