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"One Thing About Me, I love Men, I Can't Stick To One Man" Lady M

This lady above has confessed that she can not stick to one man and its not because she has daddy issues, simply because men kniw how to play this game and so why cant a woman play it too.

There are people who have tried to show her some light but she is not interested in what anyone else has to say, we can only guess that she has been hurt too many times and now she is fed up, tryingbto get back or solve her low self esteem by doing what she is doing, having multiple partners.

Not all men will take kindly to the deception. Play your game well and hope that you won’t find yourself someday starring the barrel of a gun. You are playing a dangerous game. There are feelings involved. Be careful not to become one of those “missing” people.

She even admitted that she does not date weak men whose anger takes them to a point of ending up killing women, we do not know what sparked this behaviour, we can only guess that she has been through a lot in her life with relationships that failed in the end.

They may look and play strong and macho until they do the unthinkable. Fallibility of human nature always surprise us when the unthinkable is done by those we trust and believe in. Good luck your polygamy.

Every man is capable of doing that given the circumstances, and bear in mind that most man who kill their partners are first time killers and I can guarantee you they never thought they would kill a woman.

When did she say anything about deception? What if she openly tells the guys that she's dating other guys & they don't have a problem with it? She's not playing any dangerous games - She's being transparent about her preferences. Respect her decision & choice. To each their own.

When men cheat women will often slap or try to cause some physical harm to men due to anger/pain , but because men are physically strong then women the damages are not so bad. Be carefully when men will want to do the same thing caused by anger/pain !!!!

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