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After long hours of bragging the power couple finally got exposed

Two Ladies are the talk of the town. This comes after these two ladies who are clearly madly in love with each other were all over social media sharing how awesome is their life, and how people can learn from them. Some people believed that this couple was just doing too much, they felt like this couple was just bragging too much, and they just have had enough.

People finally found something to calm these lovers down since these lovers were not slowing down in bragging. People zoomed in, and noticed that one of these girls was actually wearing shades that are absolutely not original, with that being said, she was not living up to her words. On the shades, it is written vensuce instead of Versace and people used this to tease back this couple that was busy trying to teach them about Umjolo the whole day.People couldn't stop mocking this couple and they were paying back because this couple was so busy teaching people who treat their partner, and which goods people must buy to pamper their lovers "Leave the poor kid alone" jokingly said a Twitter user. "Here I was thinking Ke Versace," said a Twitter user after noticing that this power couple is not walking the talk.

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