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2 Thing That I Noticed About This Pre-wedding Photo Of A Lovely Couple Which Proves Their Bond

True love is something which is amazing, but one misconception around true love is that it is difficult to find. However, there are some people who have met their loved ones and are happy together right now. Although, being in love can be enticing, there are numerous factors which determines the compatibility of two lovers.

One's physical appearance can be an influence in a relationship. Another thing which can influence a romantic relationship is the emotional intelligence of a person. The fact that there are some who lack the level of emotional intelligence to support a relationship could mean harm for their bonds.

An online user named Endurance Keyamo shared a photo of his friend along with his friend's wife-to-be. According to the online user, he said that the name of his friend is Mr. Lukman and the name of his bride-to-be is Osuki. The online user also added that they're from Panama city and their wedding ceremony is coming up very soon.

Now, I'll tell you two things which i noticed from the pre-wedding photo of the couple.

1)The groom-to-be named Mr. Lukman is in love with his bride-to-be and as such, he is not bothered about her appearance. As one can notice from the picture of both of them, the man looked quite happy with his bride-to-be.

2) The bride-to-be is quite comfortable with her man because of the way they are in the photo. If you were to look at what the groom-to-be did in the photo, you would notice that the bride-to-be looked kind of okay with it.


True love is something that comes from the heart and as such it should not be based on superficial things like physical appearance, social status or even personal gains. The fact that this couple could stay with each is truly amazing.


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