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8 Important Things Men Look Out For In A Woman But Won't Tell Them

Are you curious about what men actually want in a committed relationship? When it comes to gaining a man's attention, a girl's stunning looks offer a significant advantage. That, however, is insufficient to make him fall in love and fantasize of a long and happy relationship.

While excellent relationships start with mutual desire, they are doomed to collapse if the pair does not have long-term compatibility. Are you curious about what men actually want in a committed relationship?

Some guys are so polite and respectful of themselves that not everything they say is true; even if you have a problem, they don't want to reveal it for fear of you freaking out or getting angry at them.

Without going into too much detail, here are eight crucial qualities men look for in a woman that they probably can't tell them for various reasons, and number five appears to be the most important of these seven:

1. Self-assurance

A excellent partner will go out of his way to make his Significant Other feel special, but nothing beats a woman who knows her own worth.

Men may admire a woman with a beautiful face and figure, but if she requires constant reassurance that she is attractive or refuses to accept compliments, he will eventually tire of her and move on to a woman who is happy with herself.

2. Have a good sense of humor

A woman can be beautiful, but she will never win a man's heart until she can make him laugh. A good sense of humor can help you relax and bond with your companion. Every now and again, a witty joke or a lighthearted prank will score a woman major brownie points with her spouse.

3. A spirit of inquisitiveness

Most men appreciate women who can simply listen to them - no "I told you so" lines, no lectures, instructions, or suggestions about what you would do if you were in his place. Just sitting there and listening (and I mean really listening) is a good way to show your concern.

Oh, and learning to be patient, recognizing that most men need to "process" their problems before they can talk about them, and saying things like, "Okay, sweetie, whenever you want to talk about it — I'm here for you."

4. She is a woman who is full of surprises.

Men adore women who are full of surprises; for example, when they return home from work, they expect to see a bowl of food or exquisite fruit, as illustrated in the image above.

5. A readiness to recognize and acknowledge her flaws

One of the secrets to a great relationship is accepting that your partner isn't flawless. Men prefer women who aren't judgmental and don't want to change them because of this. They're on their way to a good relationship if a lady can love him for his unique personality or absurd dress sense.

5. Ingenuity

It goes without saying that being in a relationship with someone who is free-spirited and creative is more fun. It keeps things interesting while also providing a sense of direction. Women who surprise their guy by writing a story or drawing a picture for him have a decent chance of permanently winning his heart.

6. Someone who is willing to compromise.

Conflict is an unavoidable part of any relationship. On the other side, instability and a "my way or the highway" attitude only leads to misery. This is why men like women who can negotiate and find a solution that is beneficial to all parties.

This may be true for hobbies (for example, the guy takes his girl to a football game in exchange for her taking him to a musical), but it will be especially effective when it comes to important matters such as raising children together.

7. A personality that is drama-free

It's as though you're riding a roller coaster. Some days will be fantastic, while others will be a complete disaster. It is, however, unnecessary for every minor disagreement to turn into a major brawl. Women who keep things in perspective and don't make mountains out of molehills are more likely to win their guy over.

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