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Divorce Affair

My Mom Sent Me This Thinking Am The Man She Is Having An Affair With (read chats)

In the same way as other teens,Seeing that my mom has joined web-based media and it is keeping her extremely involved such that she as of now not had time fir certain things at home has had me really anxious and inquisitive to discover what and who is it keeping her that bustling online.So I onetime went through my mothers visits in her cell phone an I saw that she has been often talking with a specific male partner and in addition to the fact that they chatted that much they had a type of mystery get together's 

So with things being that way I chose to watch them like a hawk,So I can see the purpose for thier secret get together on the grounds that in the wake of going through thier visits I began having thought that they could be engaging in extramarital relations so to see whether my guts was letting me know the correct thing this is the thing that I did. 

I went after my moms cell phone and renamed my contact numbers to Simon and those of Simon to my name and impeded those of Simon with the goal if fooling her into sending me kneads thinking Simon is the one recieving them.Long story short this is the thing that she let me know thinking she is visiting with him ,Read the talks connected underneath 

Since the 2 has been up to what I have thought them to be up to from the earliest starting point of my snare what do you as peruser's might suspect it is the best thing to do when things are this way? When I made this set up, the goal was simply to be to discover what's keeping her exceptionally involved yet tragically I wound up finding this pregnancy of her's.So since I think about it do you guess that I tell my father or simply pause for a minute or two and let the grown-ups issues be the grown-ups issues? 

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