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How to Use Love To Drive Your Woman Crazy

When you fall in love, it's a one-of-a-kind experience in which you can lose your identity. Because it is accompanied by a specific force that is difficult to overcome. This form of force is a sensation that makes both the heart and the mind happy, as well as moving the body's desires to a higher level.

Love is the circumstance in which a person comes to like things he or she has never liked before because their spouse adores them.

This is why, when someone falls in love for the first time or again, he or she may act in ways that are beyond their control, much to the astonishment of people who know the person.

As a result, there are some guidelines that a man should follow in order to drive a woman insane in love.

1. When she speaks, pay attention to her.

Being a good listener is one technique to drive a woman insane. Every woman, especially the one with whom you are in a relationship, need your attention.

She would like it if you paid close attention to her in all forms and responded to let her know you are with her in spirit, emotion, and body.

So one technique to drive your wife crazy is to listen carefully and attentively to her when she is talking more, especially when she is revealing her thoughts and sufferings. Also, to answer where necessary so that she knows you are paying attention.

2. Share your feelings and pains with her.

Nothing makes a lady feel more loved than when her boyfriend shares her feelings and pains with her. So, if you want to drive your wife insane, you should weep with her when she's upset.

Make her feel as if you are a part of her and her troubles.

3. Call her on a regular basis and text her.

One method to show your girlfriend that you truly love and care about her is to call her on a regular basis to inquire about her day. Women always want men that care about them and aren't self-centered.

And the best way to drive her nuts is to contact her on a daily basis and ask how she is feeling and how her day is going.

If she is a worker, call her at least four times a day till she returns home. It informs her that she has a boyfriend who faithfully guards her back, and this alone drives her insane since she never wants to lose a lover like you.

4. Give her security.

Providing protection to your girlfriend is another method to drive her insane with love. Women are security-conscious, and when that security is delivered by her partner, it's a whole different story.

When you walk alongside her in the evening to accompany her to her house without leaving her stranded in the middle of the road.

Every woman's most basic need is for someone to show up in times of trouble, and if her man is sheltering her from trouble, she perceives it as a tremendous physical shield.

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