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He is totally in love if he does this

Know that there are certain things to know as a fact there are signs that you can see if your man really loves you. Are you madly in love with your man ? well, there few men in our country who really love their woman interesting part indeed . The question is are you one of them?.

Women take note on how to see if your man is not cheating. He is in love with you if he does the followings things?.

He makes you his priority

It easy people only make time for what they want and only make excuses when they are not interested.

He accepts you for who you are

You only accept what you love because you know you got no choice but to love it. If your man really loves you ,your past will mean nothing to him.

He gives you constructive criticism

Your man will make sure that he help build you up by every chance he gets. The criticisn you will get from him will be a good one.

He supports your aspirations

He is reliable even when it is inconvinient or uncomfortable to him

He includes you in his life

Have a lovely night💓

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