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5 Act Of Seduction That Can Work On Anyone

Seduction is the act of using tricky moves to compel someone into doing that which you want them to do. Many individuals don't know how to seduce people into doing some things that they want because they lack the skills in doing so. 

There are many acts of seduction that you can take advantage of and your partners won't even know that you indirectly forced them into doing what you want to accomplish. This article is focused on teaching you the five common acts of seduction. Check them below.

1. Keeping eye contact

This appears on top of this list because this act of seduction has been used by many people, and it has worked out. Girls have especially used this to get the attention of men on several occasions. Winking at someone is a good way to persuade him or her into doing something that you want.

2. Use of seductive body language

The use of body language is also a good act of seduction. Seductively moving your body can send out sensitive information to your partner which he would either fall for it or not. 

3. The use of soft and low tones

Sometimes the use of a soft and tempting voice can be an act of seduction. When someone speaks into your ear softly and with seductive words, it sends some triggering reactions to your mind, that is also an act of seduction.

4. Touching

This is the most powerful and used act of seduction that people hardly resist. Partners usually use this to accomplish their intentions towards people. When someone touches some sensitive parts of your body, it is an act of seduction.

5. The use of seductive words 

Don't ignore some words in your mouth because you can take advantage of them to compel someone into doing what you want. Sweet words like "hot, s£xy" used in complementing the opposite gender are also an act of seduction. Use seductive words on your partners to compel them into doing what you want.

The common act of seduction you saw above has been used by both men and women, and it yielded positive results. Feel free to try them on anyone.

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